Custom Motorcycle Mechanic, Brick House Builds, reviews ToolFreak Safety Glasses!

When the ToolFreak Team came across @Brickhousebuilds on Instagram we were instantly impressed with his cool and creative range motorcycles. Founder and motorcycle enthusiast, BJ English combines vintage style with touches of modern art to provide the public with brilliant and bespoke motorcycles.

We here at ToolFreak understand that while the outcome of these insane motorcycles is both outstanding and mind-blowing, the process of which can be difficult and dangerous!

Working within the mechanical industry, pieces of sharp debris and other damaging objects can cause great harm to your eyes. With this in mind we immediately shipped the talented BJ English a pair of ToolFreak Spoggles, as we were confident our high quality Safety Spoggles could provide this precious sense with paramount protection.

Today, we are joined by US based, Motorcycle Mechanic, to find out how his new pair of ToolFreak Spoggles have assisted him and his safety in the workshop! So, if you are currently considering buying a pair of ToolFreak Safety Glasses or Spoggles, we urge you to keep on reading to find out first-hand how our Safety Glasses can benefit you!

Hello there BJ! First off, we just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for agreeing to take part in this blog post! Let’s kickstart this piece by hearing all about your first impressions of your ToolFreak Spoggles when you received your package? 

Custom Motorcycle Mechanic, Brick House Builds, reviews ToolFreak Safety Glasses!
Custom Motorcycle Mechanic, Brick House Builds, reviews ToolFreak Safety Glasses!
Custom Motorcycle Mechanic, Brick House Builds, reviews ToolFreak Safety Glasses!
 When I opened up the package that the glasses came in I was surprised and excited to see that they had a zip-able case!  Usually my safety glasses get tossed into my toolbox drawer so the case is a good incentive to keep everything in order and help them stay clean and protected.  Once I got the glasses out I was impressed with color, build quality, and how comfortable they were with both the traditional sides as well as the head band!

We are so happy we made such a great first impression! How would you describe your first day of using your new pair of ToolFreak Spoggles?

My first day using the spoggles was like any other day with a mix of metal grinding and chemical handling.  I had a couple moments where I actually forgot that I had them on which was great!

Awesome! What are your favourite features of these stylish Spoggles? 

My hands down favorite feature would be the interchangeable sides.  Having the ability to use the headband makes my life so much easier during times when I also need to wear my respirator, ball cap, and 3M headphones. That is a lot of straps going near my ears and usually traditional glasses sides cause a bit of pain when all geared up.  The elastic band eliminates that pain and helps me stay in the zone working and simply getting stuff done. 

That’s really interesting and insightful! What tasks require the use of your ToolFreak Spoggles? 

I use these spoggles anytime I am doing any type of metal work. Between a wire wheel, drill, belt sander, angle grinder, and chop saw these are on my head.  I take caution but sparks do fly and I am very careful to keep my eyes protected.

What was your experience like 1 week after receiving them?

 A week into getting the spoggles I found myself trying the elastic band more often to see if it made any other usage easier.  I am now proficient at getting them tucked back into the case and back into the newly created space in my box!

That sounds cool and what about 2 weeks into using them?

 2 weeks into using these and I've noticed only 1 moment where I had them fog up which is impressive. I did have my respirator on that time which has an influence.  So far I do feel very safe wearing them and probably average about 50/50 between strap and traditional sides. Having that ability is a game changer!

Versatility is key right?! Would you buy ToolFreak Safety Eyewear in the future?

 I WILL buy Tool Freak gear in the future! Absolutely

That’s brilliant to hear! In your opinion, what are the main benefits of these glasses? 

To me the main benefits of these spoggles are having the pads to close any gaps to my face. This is my personal preference. The elastic strap and quick detach sides are such an awesome feature and have definitely become my favorite benefit as that increases work comfort while still providing safety. The case is a bonus benefit!

We are glad you have found these extremely useful and comfortable! Would you recommend ToolFreak Safety Glasses to a friend?

I have already!  A friend reached out asking about these and I spoke about both above benefits and the fair pricing.  He was tired of poor quality safety glasses as he had a recent eye injury in the form of metal debris lodged in his eye.  

Wow, thank you BJ! Do you think Safety Glasses are important? If yes, why so? Have you ever had any accidents before?

My friends would laugh if I asked them this question about me! I get onto everyone in my shop about eye protection. I have personally had 3 incidents with metal fragments getting lodged in my eye from metal grinding. 1 of those times I had JUST taken off my safety glasses and got greedy with a quick adjustment.  The other 2 incidents I was wearing eye protection that didn't fit me the best which allowed fragments to sneak past.  I am not a fan of going to the eye doctor to have metal removed from my eyes at all. In short, YES I think safety glasses are very important!

Ouch, that sounds painful! We completely agree with you, Safety Glasses are a crucial piece of safety equipment.

Thank you BJ! We have really enjoyed talking to you and hearing all about your experience using ToolFreak Spoggles! Keep up the great work!

If you would like to see @BrickHouseBuilds insane work, head over to his Instagram today, you will be amazed.
@Brickhousebuilds reviews ToolFreak Spoggles
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