Foam Lined Safety Glasses - Comfort is key, here’s why…

Here at ToolFreak, we take the comfort of our customers seriously! We understand that when you’re working on your A game, you want to avoid discomfort at all costs; and that’s exactly why we design, manufacture and sell Protective Eyewear that boasts insane comfort, safety and durability.

Today, we are going to be placing great emphasis on our foam padded range of Safety Glasses; as we strongly believe that the comfort they offer takes things to a whole new level. Don't believe us? Keep on reading, we are confident we can change your mind…

So, before delving into great detail, let’s gain some greater clarity on what the term ‘Foam lined Safety Glasses’ actually means.

Foam Lined Safety Glasses are often referred to as ‘Foam Padded Safety Glasses’, or ‘Safety Glasses with a foam gasket’, regardless of the varied names, their job still remains the same. These specific Safety Glasses are designed by utilising a ring of foam, that is made to fit to the back rims of the frame of the Safety Eyewear. 

The foam padding should then mold to the shape of your face, which then creates a snug yet breathable fitted element that can act as a shield that separates your eyes from the outside risks within the surrounding environment.

Safety Glasses with impact rated lenses can protect your eyes from high velocity impact; and can act as a barrier against particles such as debris, which can cause great damage to your eyesight! The foam padding, although it is not sealed, rather breathable, it can still boost the safety and security of your eyes against debris and other particles.

Ok great, so the benefit of foam lined Safety Glasses is protection, right?

You’re not wrong, foam padding can help towards protecting your eyes against a number of hazards, however the benefits do not stop there. Foam lined safety glasses are renowned and extremely popular for the sheer comfort they provide.

The soft and lightweight piece of foam padding can enhance the comfort of your Safety Eyewear. You can say so long to bulky, oversized goggles, that offer a hindrance as opposed to a helping hand; and enjoy these extremely comfortable safety glasses.

The smart and secure foam padding is also extremely breathable, which is of great benefit to you and your eyes. Your eyes can stay focussed; and forget about strain and discomfort! 

What do foam lined Safety Glasses look like? Are they big and bulky?

Simply put, no… Here at ToolFreak we have ensured that our Safety Glasses protect your eyes and your image. Safety Glasses are often misunderstood pieces of safety equipment and many assume that they are unflattering accessories. Well, we can confirm that this is most certainly not the case when it comes to our very own range of foam lined Safety Glasses.

The inner foam padding is discrete, so you can stay stylish and on trend and enjoy the many benefits that come with these extremely useful Safety Glasses. Below, we have included a variety of photos showcasing our Safety Glasses with foam lined padding, this way you can really see what we mean when we say this feature is subtle…

Below, you will be able to see our ToolFreak Spoggle range; as well as our ToolFreak rip out range! Check them out!

ToolFreak Spoggles (Safety Eyewear with foam lined padding) explained…

Foam Lined Safety Glasses - Comfort is key, here’s why…

Foam Lined Safety Glasses - Comfort is key, here’s why…

ToolFreak Spoggles combined the favoured features of spectacles with the brilliant benefits of goggles and have the drawbacks of neither! They are a lightweight compared to outdated and oversized goggles and are completely versatile, so whatever situation confronts you, you can be well and truly prepared. 

Spoggles are suitable for multiple uses, so whether you’re up a ladder or a mountain, be sure to have a pair at the ready! While keeping your eyes safe they maintain smart and stylish features, so you can be a trendsetter wherever you go. Their high clarity and quality lenses are rated to ANSI Z87+ standards so you can feel safe and at ease.

Versatility springs to mind while detailing the many uses and benefits of ToolFreak Spoggles, as they come with both a headband and detachable legs, so you can easily switch between tasks.

Needless to say this specific Safety Eyewear has comfort at the core, as foam lined padding is utilised in the creation of these courageous glasses to ensure comfort really is key. 

Be smart, stylish and secure and shop ToolFreak Spoggles today!

ToolFreak Rip Out (Safety Eyewear with foam lined padding) explained...

Foam Lined Safety Glasses - Comfort is key, here’s why…

Foam Lined Safety Glasses - Comfort is key, here’s why…

ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses are built to protect your eyes from a wide range of hazards, including flying objects, debris and other painful particles. They utilise strong and secure wraparound lenses so you can enjoy peripheral coverage.

Not only are they impact rated to ANSI Z87+ standards; but they are also made to improve your vision and clarity so you can stay focussed and continue to be your most efficient and hardworking self.

If you’re constantly switching between tasks, we’ve got you covered, as ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses come with a head strap; as well as detachable legs, what more could you ask for?

ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses are sturdy, stylish and above all comfortable. The inner foam padding enhances comfort, so you can keep on working and have 0 worries of discomfort. 

If you want to get ahead of the game and invest in ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses click here!

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