I’m a Tree Surgeon, what safety equipment should I buy?

Working as a Tree Surgeon can be a challenging role due to the dangers involved! Operating at great heights, while lifting heavy loads and using dangerous equipment can be extremely hazardous and so those working within this industry must take their safety seriously. 

In today’s post, we will be highlighting and explaining the use of specific safety equipment within this industry; and we will also be detailing the benefits of protective eyewear within this field, as we talk to a UK based Arborist who tells us all about his Safety Eyewear experience.

If you’re completely new to this industry and would like to get clued up on the workwear basics, we would highly recommend that you keep on reading this post as we strive to suggest suitable safety workwear for Tree Surgeons!

After discussing this topic with Tree Surgeons and conducting research online we have come to the understanding that Safety equipment is vitally important within this field and should never be overlooked! Popular pieces of workwear include: Hard hats (Specialist hard hats can cover the face, the ears and the head!) Mesh visors to protect the eyes from twigs and sharp pieces of wood.

More important safety equipment includes: Impact rated Safety Eyewear and high-quality ear defenders! This is due to the flying pieces of wood within the atmosphere, that could strike, scrape or penetrate the eyes, which could lead to an unwanted eye injury! The ear defenders will offer an incredibly useful helping hand in reducing the loud noise of chainsaws and other tools!

We recently caught up with UK based Arborist, Joe Shaw, who told us all about his experience using ToolFreak Safety Glasses while on the job and this is what he had to say… “I like the interchangeable bands, so you can change from glasses to goggles. They’re also very comfortable and create a nice seal around the eye, preventing fine saw dust from getting in. I think they’re fantastic”. If you would like to shop this range, please click here!

I’m a Tree Surgeon, what safety equipment should I buy?
I’m a Tree Surgeon, what safety equipment should I buy?

Chainsaw protective clothing is crucially important as these clothes are designed with extra layers to enhance cut resistance! You can choose between wearing protective pants or an entire protective suit! Tree Surgeons are advised to wear belts and braces to help keep their protective clothing in place whilst on the job.

Hi-vis clothing is also extremely helpful within this industry, as it allows for other people working alongside you to see you clearly. These bright and luminous colours will also help the public to identify you and be well aware of your presence and the job that you are carrying out! Tree Surgeons also utilise the use of chainsaw protective gloves, similar to the protective utility pants, these are usually designed with a cut-proof fabric. They should indeed be strong and sturdy but not too padded as they still need to allow for flexibility and movement!

A pair of protective boots are among the list of important pieces of safety equipment within this specific field. Chainsaw boots should have steel-toe boot features with add layer of protective fabric on any exposed areas. Depending on what you want, you can also buy these boots in leather or rubber. 

So, to sum things up, after researching and talking to those within the industry we believe that you should definitely own:

  • A protective hat
  • A protective mesh visor
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear Defenders
  • Cut proof, chainsaw protective clothing
  • Hi vis clothing
  • Chainsaw protective gloves
  • Strong & sturdy protective boots.

This list is by no means exhaustive, rather advice collected through research. Before purchasing equipment for this use, please consult your safety officer or industry regulator to find out how to comply with industry safety standards. In this post we just want to highlight what we have learned whilst looking for Safety equipment for the Tree Surgery industry!

Speciality equipment for Arborists & Tree Surgeons:

In order to stay safe on the job and carry out tasks correctly, Tree Surgeons and Arborists should have the following equipment: Rigging Carabiners, connectors and ropes. Pulleys, Winches, Hauling Devices, Pulleys, Enforcer Load Cells, Slings and Strops, Rigging Plates and Rings, Safe, high quality chainsaw.

Also, it is important to always have a fully stocked first aid kit wherever you go! We hope that this piece has been extremely helpful! We welcome any questions you may have! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with The ToolFreak Team today!

Have a great day!
The ToolFreak Team!

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