Long Haul Trucking Tales- The use of Polarized Safety Glasses!

When you’re driving, the need for complete focus and concentration is paramount! The road can often be unpredictable, from hidden corners, to sharp bends, to speeding drivers, you really do face bumps along the way, both literally and figuratively! This most certainly applies to Long Haul Truck Drivers, who spend a great deal of time driving in a range of unpredictable weather conditions and time frames. 

When you think of the most undesirable weather conditions to drive in, what first springs to mind? Fog, ice, snow, torrential rain? Indeed, these conditions can be both dangerous and daunting, but what about a clear and crisp sunny day, with not one single cloud in sight? Sounds ideal right?

Well, as pleasant as these bright and beaming days may be, the impact this forecast can have is quite the opposite. The intense glare of the sun has the power to overwhelm your vision, which in turn can cause: distraction, distortion and above all danger!

Thankfully, Polarized Safety Glasses, along with many more products, techniques and alternatives can offer a helping hand; against the hindrance that is… The sun! 

Here at ToolFreak we are extremely passionate when it comes to the safety of not only our customers, but the general public too; and so we have decided to create informative blog posts all about safe driving while being confronted by the sun’s glare! (click here to check out our blog post highlighting shocking statistics around this topic).

When we started learning and understanding more about this topic, we reached out to a number of different people to gauge their opinion on the glare of the sun and the utter fear it can instil into people while driving.

As we started to receive an overwhelming response from everyday drivers,  council workers and truck drivers, we knew this was a topic that needed further exploration and attention.

Long Haul Trucking Tales- The use of Polarized Safety Glasses!

Talking to those affected by the intense glare of the sun...

Today, we have teamed up with US Based Truck Driver & YouTube sensation, Carolina Ortega, also known as: Loira Na Estrada (Blondie on the road)! The empowering and hard working trucker, who lives in Florida, has a riveting and infectious passion for the trucking industry, which she has now been working in for just over 2 years. 

Throughout her time as a Trucker, Carolina’s job role has allowed her to travel, learn; and meet incredible people! She has however witnessed first hand just how infuriating, overpowering and dangerous the intense glare of the sun can be! “Whether it’s a nearby lake, snow, or the road itself, the glare of the sun can be really terrible! It can make my job role so challenging, I can miss distinctions on the road when the sun is in my face”, Explained Carolina.

Carolina, who has built an applaud worthy community of 400,000 subscribers on Youtube, informed me that when the sun reflects into her eyes while driving, it can affect her ability to read her GPS and makes her job “extremely challenging” at times. "When I’m on the road, there is a lot of glare, so I need polarized Safety Glasses the majority of the time”, stated Carolina.


Long Haul Trucking Tales- The use of Polarized Safety Glasses!

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Long Haul Trucking Tales- The use of Polarized Safety Glasses!

How Polarized Safety Glasses combat the glare of the sun.

The US based trucker went on to explain that on a beautiful and beaming day, she witnessed a near pile up on the interstate in New Mexico, “I remember it was such a sunny day and the sun was directly in our faces, so this may have influenced what happened".

Carolina then further explained, "a small car and two huge trucks hastily swerved away from each other, as did everyone else around them, and I was just 2 cars behind all of this, thankfully they just missed each other and everyone seemed ok”. 

“The use of safety glasses is so important to me, not just when I’m driving, but when I’m checking tyre pressure and meeting with customers! it’s policy that I wear them, as there could be things flying, which could enter my eyes! So I have to make sure I'm doing all that I can to protect my eyes".

We asked Carolina what she does to protect herself and her vision when the overpowering sun begins to overwhelm her windshield, “I use my sun visor, my sunglasses; and I also find that wearing a cap helps so much”, answered the talented Trucker!

The Youtube star detailed that protective glasses help in both her professional and personal life, “Where I live, it’s basically always sunny, so I wear sunglasses 24/7”, humoured Carolina. 

“I live by a beach in Florida, so a lot of my spare time is spent diving and taking part in other exciting water sports! I find that sunglasses are extremely necessary when I'm on the boat as it’s always so bright at the beach”.

Evidently, Polarized Safety Glasses and Sunglasses can offer assistance in a number of different environments. In Carolina’s case, whether she’s on the road or in the sea, she is sure to have a pair of these incredibly useful Safety Glasses at the ready! 

Carolina also wears our Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses while driving. Check out the photo below!

Long Haul Trucking Tales- The use of Polarized Safety Glasses!

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The Glare of The Sun can impact drivers across the globe!

Although the UK and the US are over 6,000 KM away from one another; and the climate is ever so different, this glare-related problem is one that we share collectively! UK based, Callumn Young, who works for the council, as a bin wagon operator, encounters glare on a regular basis!

“The glare reflects from all sorts of objects, from cars, to house windows to rain on the road and this problem definitely gets worse in the winter time”, he stated.

Callumn then went onto explain that he has invested in a pair of polarized safety glasses and the results have been incredible! “They seem brilliant so far, I would recommend them to anyone; and if I could get them in contact lenses and had time each day then I would definitely wear them!”

Daniel Lee, who also lives in the UK, expressed how Polarized Safety Glasses have helped him extensively, "My commute to and from work would always take place during the brightest hours of the day and I would always face the glare of the sun

"Since buying a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses and placing my sun visor in the right place, I seem to have combatted the glare really well; and I would really recommend them to anyone who drives in sunny conditions".

Along with the advice from Carolina, Chris and Daniel, it is also worthwhile to think about implementing the techniques detailed below, in order to decrease likelihood and in some cases avoid the sun entering your sight while driving.

Ways to combat the intense glare of the sun while driving:

  • Wear Polarized Safety Glasses.
  • Slow down.
  • Keep a distance between you and other drivers around you.
  • Keep your windshield clean, on the inside and on the outside.
  • Check for cracks on your windshield.
  • Drive with your headlights on so others can spot you.
  • Take an alternative, shaded route.
  • Plan the time of your trip to take place when the sun is not at its brightest.
  • Make sure that your sun visor works.

If you want to find out more about these tips while driving during bright light conditions, check out our recent blog post, where we discuss all of the above bullet points in greater detail and explain the shocking facts and statistics when it comes to the intense glare of the sun; and the impact it has on your ability to drive.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog post, why not check out more of our blog posts! We regularly update our page with exciting and informative blog posts on an array of engaging topics!

Links to Carolina Ortega's socials:

Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/loiranaestrada/

Website: https://www.loiranaestrada.com/

Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts coming very soon, featuring the fantastic Carolina Ortega! We can't wait to tell you all about life as a Long Haul Truck Driver!

Thank you for reading! if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you and help where we can!

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