National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips for taking care of your eyesight!

Here at ToolFreak, we take the health and wellbeing of your eyes seriously! ToolFreak is the brainchild of thorough professionals and experienced experts. We have dedicated our lives to manufacturing high-quality and reliable Safety Eyewear for a wide range of people in both work and sport. 

As January marks a very important awareness month, very close to us, ‘National Eye Care Month’, we wanted to create an informative blog post for you, the public! We want to pass on our knowledge of this industry in hope to inspire and motivate people to take great care of their eyesight.

It goes without saying, your eyesight is a precious sense, that you should protect and prolong at all costs. In this post we discuss ways in which you can prevent eye injuries and methods in which you can follow to prolong your healthy eyesight. 

So how can you take care of your eyesight?

  • Wear Safety Glasses! Protective Eyewear is crucial in a vast range of situations and scenarios! Safety Glasses can protect your eyes from a number of hazards, Including debris and other small particles, which can cause detrimental and irreversible effects when entering your eyes. Scraping and striking of the eyes can be both painful and harmful to your eyesight, so investing in a high-quality pair of impact rated Wraparound Safety Glasses is an absolute MUST! 

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

  • Attend an annual Eye exam! It is advised that you attend the optician/ eye specialist at least once a year. Taking this time out to check up on your eyes is crucial, for it can detect any issues early on and in turn protect your future vision. Be sure to check up on your eyes and schedule these appointments in advance!

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

  • Give your eyes the much needed break that they deserve! In today’s society, the majority of people are guilty of spending too much time staring at their desktops, tablets, smartphones, Tv’s, the list goes on… As wonderful and convenient as today's technology is, the consumption of it for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your eyes. You should make a conscious effort to spend time away from your screens and allow for your eyes to take a break! Your eyes can strain if they stare at bright lights for too long; and tiring them out can have unwanted effects. So please, let your eyes relax and unwind, they need a break so they can work to their full potential and serve you well.

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

  • Shade your eyes in bright and beaming conditions! Following on from the point above, if your eyes are exposed to sunny conditions, you are going to create strain and often find yourself squinting. It is important that you remove this strain by popping a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses on, that can deflect this harsh light and allow for you to see well in moments of intense glare and bright light.

National Eye Care Month ToolFreak's Top Tips for taking great care of your eyesight safety glasses blog post

  • Eat, sleep, enjoy healthy eyesight and repeat! Both your nutrition and your sleep can impact your eyesight. You should always stay nutritious and eat clean to keep your eyes in good shape. The same applies to enforcing a good sleeping pattern, ensuring that you are always getting a healthy night sleep of around 7-8 hours. This will give your eyes time to rest and refresh for the following day. Having a good diet and sleeping pattern also holds a number of connected health benefits, so be sure to implement these factors in your daily life! Also, please avoid smoking, this can be harmful to both your general health and your eyesight, so please do not smoke, or if you are currently smoking, consider quitting this habit. 

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

  • Blink & sooth your eyes after a long day! If you spend your day focussing on a task, you’re probably blinking less than usual due to concentration. Blinking regularly as simple as it may sound, can be beneficial to your eyes operating healthily. Make sure you blink and allow for your eyes to be refreshed by the natural moisture. 

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

How wearing Safety Glasses can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your eyes!

Statistically speaking, every single year, 800,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace; and 36,000 of which result in time having to be taken off work. Just by simply wearing Safety Glasses, 90% of these 800,000 injuries could actually be prevented, which is quite frankly mind blowing. These figures show just how significant the use of protective eyewear really is. 

We here at ToolFreak strongly believe that you, the public, should consider investing in a pair of high quality, impact rated Safety Glasses. This protective Eyewear can be utilised in many different working environments, whether you’re a Welder, a Woodworker, a Medical Professional, a Construction Worker, an Architect, or anyone who finds themselves in a situation where debris and other particles could be present, should buy safety eyewear, to prevent the likelihood of an unwanted and painful injury! Safety Eyewear is also beneficial to those who play sports, such as Air Soft, Pickle Ball and Shooting! Protect your eyes and focus on the task in hand people. 

What factors and features should I look for when shopping for Safety Eyewear:

  • Make sure they are Impact and UV rated!
  • Ensure that they meet ANSI Z87+ standards!
  • Look for those with peripheral coverage!
  • Scout Safety Glasses that fit correctly, shop snug fitting Safety Glasses that will take care of your eyes and defend them from small particles entering, striking & scraping your eyes!
  • Shop for both style and comfort! If you’re going to be wearing your Safety Glasses for a long period of time, look for comfortable options that will cause no hindrance to you!

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

National Eye Care Month- ToolFreak’s Top Tips on taking care of your eyesight!

If you would like to buy Safety Glasses that tick the above boxes, why not check out our very own versatile range of Protective Eyewear! We take great pride in providing the public with fashionable AND durable eye protection, shop ToolFreak today!

Thank you for reading this post, we hope you enjoyed it and found it both insightful and interesting. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below! We will be more than happy to help where we can!

Trust the experts,

The ToolFreak Team!

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