Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses!

Picking the perfect Lens colour- ToolFreak’s Top Tips for selecting suitable safety glasses! 

If you, like many others, find yourself scratching your head, becoming increasingly stressed while shopping, this blog post is perfect for you! Although having a vast range of products available to you can be extremely beneficial, it can also make shopping both challenging and time consuming… When it comes to buying Safety Glasses, there are certainly a lot of different designs, shapes and sizes available, as well as a large selection of varying lens colours, so it is no surprise, it can often be difficult knowing what safety glasses would be best for you.

 This blog post will identify a number of different safety glasses lens colours and describe their individual benefits, hopefully steering you in the right direction of picking your perfect lens colour! There are a number of different lens colours available, all of which have a number of perks in a range of different situations and scenarios. From smoke, to yellow, to clear, to mirrored, to red lenses, to an array of colours on the spectrum, there really is a long list on offer to you! 

Below, we delve into smoke tinted lenses, yellow tinted lenses, clear lenses and polarized lenses, all of which are amazing and useful in their own right, however created to cater for different scenarios, environments and forecasts! This list does not represent all of the different lens colours that are available on the market, we have selected a few that we believe are popular amidst many different people!

Take a look at the descriptions below to find out which lens colour may be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle!

Clear Lens Safety Glasses:

Clear lens safety glasses are extremely popular, they are predominantly worn in indoor environments, but can also be worn outdoors. Workers often utilise these specific safety glasses to protect them against impact while on the job. Here at ToolFreak, we have a range of clear lens safety glasses, from Agents, to Rip-outs, to spoggles, to Bifocals (Clear Lens Bifocal Safety glasses are extremely useful as they don't just protect your eyes against impact, they also enhance your vision with different diopters moulded directly into the lenses, perfect for those who wear reading glasses and require the use of safety glasses). Check out some of our clear safety glasses below! 

Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses! ToolFreak Blog post
Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses! ToolFreak Blog post

Smoke Tinted Lenses:

Smoke/dark tinted lenses are great for those who work outdoors! Although at times working outside can be fantastic, it can also have its drawbacks… Smoke tinted lenses dim the brightness without distorting and impacting your clarity. If you need to focus on a task, wearing smoke tinted glasses could be of great use to you; as you will be able to see everything around you with insane clarity. There are plenty of different safety glasses out there built with smoke tinted lenses, so whatever task you face, you can have suitable safety glasses at the ready. Here at ToolFreak we have an array of smoke tinted safety glasses on offer, from agents, to spoggles, to rip outs, to bifocals! Check them out below!

 Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses! ToolFreak Blog post

Yellow Lenses:

Yellow Lens Safety Glasses provide incredible clarity and can help in dull, hazy and low light conditions. At ToolFreak, we create our yellow lens safety glasses with the latest lens technology; this specific colour can filter out blue light from your field of vision, this means that you will be able to see things with greater clarity! So you can combat dull conditions and really sharpen your vision! These specific safety glasses are also often utilized indoors, for example those working in dark conditions, such as offices and warehouses with lack of daylight entering them, yellow safety glasses can be a great tool to really enhance the brightness of your surroundings. Yellow lenses can be incorporated into a number of different safety glasses including spoggles and rip-out! check out our range of yellow lens safety glasses below!

Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses! ToolFreak Blog post

Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses! ToolFreak Blog post

Polarized Lenses:

Polarized lenses are incredibly helpful when it comes to combating the intense glare of the sun. Now, the glare of the sun can be a horrible hindrance in a number of different scenarios. These specific safety glasses are created by a chemical coating being applied to the lenses of safety glasses, the molecules within this coating form a barrier pattern which filters out horizontally travelling light! (If you would like to find out more about how these safety glasses are created, then please click here to check out another one of our informative blog posts).

What all of this information means, is that Polarized Safety glasses are created to help when glare comes into your field of vision. AN example of this could be when there is a puddle on the road and the sun is shining, the bright light could reflect off the puddle and go directly into your eyes. Polarized safety glasses will offer a helping hand in situations like this, allowing you to avoid this negative hinderance. Below we have inserted a few photos showing what our range of polarized safety glasses look like.

Picking the perfect Lens colour - Selecting suitable Safety Glasses! ToolFreak Blog post

If you have found this blog post helpful and interesting, then please do leave us feedback below or get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!  Also, if you do  have any safety glasses-related questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to help you as here at ToolFreak, we take great pride in being safety eyewear experts and will happily assist and answer your questions!

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