Red Mirror Safety Glasses - Looking for safety and style? Look no further...

It goes without saying that Safety Glasses are designed with the biggest priority being of course, safety! However, we here at ToolFreak are extremely passionate and proactive when it comes to ensuring that style plays an integral role in the creation of our slick, smart and secure Safety Eyewear range.

We take great pride in providing the public with a versatile range of Protective Eyewear in an abundance of styles, shapes, colours and designs. Today, we are going to place our focus solely on our Reevo Red Mirror Glasses, a range that undoubtedly screams style…

Safety Glasses, stylish, really?

Gone are the days when the options for stylish safety eyewear were scarce. Today, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting suitable safety glasses. Many assume that Safety Glasses are big, bulky and uncomfortably unflattering… Well, we are here to show and tell you otherwise. Today, Safety Eyewear can be lightweight, innovative, cool, quirky and courageous.

Now, we believe all our Safety Glasses fit the description above, however, we have found that our Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses are favoured for their outrageously fashionable features. This stylish and versatile Safety Eyewear option is perfect for multiple situations and scenarios! Whether you’re up a mountain or a ladder, you can place your trust in our fiery red protective eyewear that ensures both safety and style.

Why and how do our Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses stand out from the crowd?

We strive to ensure that all of our Safety Glasses are fresh, bold; and sensationally stylish… A description that most certainly applies to our Reevo Red Mirror range! The tinted, mirrored lenses are both striking and modern, it’s no wonder those wearing them look like ultimate trend setters.

In addition to this brilliant and bold lens colour, these Safety Glasses are also characterized with a touch of ToolFreak’s signature branding, as the legs are coated in black and orange colours! So you really will stand out from the crowd and boast style when you show up to the work site or the sporting field. 

The shape and style of these specific Safety Glasses plays a huge role in promoting fun yet fashionable features. You can forget about heavy goggles that weigh you down and welcome these amazing alternatives.

Their smart and superior design utilises high quality material and leading edge optical technology, so you can stay focused, stay alert; and stay ahead of the game. Rated to ANSI Z87+ standards, these stylish safety shades can withstand impact and have the power to protect your eyes from a range of particles including sharp debris and other injury inflicting culprits.

If you work in the great outdoors, you will be well aware of how fantastic yet frustrating the sun can be throughout the working day… Although the warm weather and beautiful blue sky can be pleasant, it can also impact your field of vision, which can then impact your work. When you wear Reevo red Mirror Safety Glasses you can dim the brightness of your surroundings and shade your vision. Focus on the task ahead and forget about unwanted distractions and distortions when you welcome these insane Safety Glasses into your life. 

So, just to confirm, that's style, comfort, safety and durability all combined into one pair of Safety Glasses, what more could you ask for? 

If you would like to see what these shockingly stylish Safety Glasses look like, keep on scrolling, as we have included a number of photos showcasing our very own Reevo Red Mirror range!

Reevo red mirror lens safety glasses ToolFreak

Reevo Red Mirror Lens Safety Glasses

Where can I buy a pair of these Red Mirror Lens Safety Glasses?

If you are looking to add these envy worthy Safety Glasses to your shopping basket, simply click here! 

If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ToolFreak Team today, we would love to hear from you and help wherever possible!

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