Spoggles- A twist on tradition in the Safety Eyewear Industry!

'Spoggles?! What on earth are Spoggles?’...

Spoggles take a complete twist on tradition and serve many uses to a versatile range of people in a number of different environments. They combine the beneficial uses of both spectacles and goggles, hence the name ‘Spoggles’.

Created by combining the most desirable and useful features of Goggles with the most favoured features of Spectacles, these streamline Safety Glasses offer both safety AND comfort (a match made in Protective Eyewear heaven)!

Depending on where you shop for Safety Glasses, Spoggles should come with sturdy arms, as well as a strong and secure, removable head band! This means that you can be your most active self and move freely with 0 worries of your Safety Eyewear ever coming loose! 

Spoggles come in a range of different lens colours, you can opt for clear, yellow or smoke-tinted, it completely depends upon what you require your Safety Glasses for. If you work outside and you often struggle with combatting dull, hazy and lowlight conditions, then yellow lenses would be perfect for you, as they can enhance your vision and clarity on dull, overcast days.

On the other hand, if you find that when you work outside, you’re often confronting the bright and beaming sun, smoke-tinted Safety Glasses would be a great tool to combat the bright & harsh conditions ahead of you. 

How can I tell the difference between regular Safety Glasses and Spoggles?

Spoggles have an inner-foam padded design, which offers insane comfort to those wearing them! This means that you can focus on the task in hand; and not have to worry about your Safety Glasses being a hindrance as opposed to a helping hand. 

What do spoggles actually look like?

Indeed, the term ‘Spoggles’ sounds slightly peculiar, but the look and design of these safety glasses themselves couldn't be further away from this description. Spoggles can be cool and courageous, it all depends on where you buy them from!

Here at ToolFreak we utilise a slim and smart design for our Spoggle range. We incorporate incredible protection and ensure that comfort is key, as we understand that people wear Safety Eyewear for long periods of time, so it is vital that they do so in incredible comfort!

Check out the photos below, showcasing our ToolFreak Spoggle range!

ToolFreak Spoggles
ToolFreak Spoggles
ToolFreak Spoggles
ToolFreak Spoggles

How are Spoggles beneficial?

Due to their creation based on the combination of spectacles and goggles, Spoggles offer multiple benefits! The soft foam padding ensures insane comfort all day long, while the protective and snug-fit promotes paramount safety. These cool and courageous looking Safety Glasses are designed to eliminate debris and other small particles from entering your eyes. Most spoggles are impact rated too (ToolFreak Spoggles certainly are), this means that you can trust that your eyes are being taken care of, so you can relax and be your most productive and hard-working self! 

Check out the main benefits of Spoggles:

  • Spoggles are versatile! You can wear spoggles in a number of different environments and industries. If you face debris and other particles while on the job, then Spoggles could be of great use to you as they offer insane protection! Spoggles come with both arms and headbands, meaning you can use them in a range of situations and have faith in the fact that when you put them on, they will stay put, even when you’re at your most active.
  • They are slim and compact! They are designed to be snug-fitting to your face, which means you can forget about big, bulky goggles that look unflattering and weigh you down and welcome these insane alternatives. The fact that they are slim and compact also means that you can carry them around with you; wherever you go, how convenient?!
  • They look insanely slick & smart! Of course safety is paramount when it comes to selecting Safety Eyewear, that's why you buy it in the first place. But you can’t complain when your safety glasses are both durable AND fashionable! If you invest in a cool set of Safety Glasses, you really will be a trendsetter in your trade!

In what environment would I wear Spoggles?

As mentioned before, these extremely useful Safety Glasses are perfect for a range of versatile situations. We would recommend the use of spoggles to those working in environments whereby debris and other particles often fly around. Carpenters & Mechanics would most certainly suit spoggles, this is because they offer protection for a long period of time!

What factors should I consider when purchasing a pair of Spoggles?

Below we have created a checklist for you all, as we believe that your Safety Glasses should look great while providing you with paramount protection! Depending on your industry, there may be rating requirements that your glasses must pass in order to wear them on site, so please do check prior to purchasing. 

  • Ensure that they meet requirements and certifications need (ANSIZ87+ / EN166F).
  • Make sure that they have fantastic foam padding that provides both ventilation and comfort.
  • Check that they come with a headband as well as arms, so you can be versatile.
  • Ensure that you select the perfect safety glasses for you (fashion wise), if you’re a trendsetter, who takes great pride in their image, don't settle for boring and bulky, by slim-line spoggles today! 
  • Select the right lens colour for you, your job and your lifestyle. Every lens colour has its very own benefits, so be sure to check what would be most suited to you! 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post; and feel like you know a whole lot more about Spoggles! If you do have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We love hearing your feedback too, so please do let us us know what you think!

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