Spoggles - The new must have in Sports and Industry

They’re spectacles and goggles rolled into one, but they’re so much more than mere protective eyewear. Here we look at what they actually are, why they are so popular and why the sporting world is now looking to industry for its sport glasses and sport goggles.

Spoggles are safety glasses that can also be deemed goggles due to their construction and attributes. Safety glasses and safety goggles each have their own advantages but why choose between them when you have both and look highly professional at the same time.

What are the different options for industrial eye protection?

Safety goggles offer the best protection for the eye. They are often made from tougher material, they are bulky and sometimes quite heavy. They form a seal around the eyes with rubber to keep out flying debris. The downsides are:

● They can be expensive - more material designed for heavier duty activity means more cost to produce and replace.

● They are more prone to fog up restricting vision. The seal around the eyes does not allow perspiration to escape.

● They can look awful and they’re uncomfortable when worn for prolonged periods of time.

Safety glasses aim to provide protection while overcoming the disadvantages of goggles.They are generally open around the edges which means they are less likely to fog but also less likely to stop flying debris. There is a wide range available from very cheap to very expensive. Each price point offers different levels of protection, functionality, quality, comfort and style. With safety glasses there is always a compromise to carefully consider.

Spoggles, as a concept, has transformed the protective eyewear industry. All major companies in the sector are now producing spoggles. The name comes from combining ‘spectacles’ (safety glasses) with ‘goggles.’

Spoggles combine the protective advantages of goggles, such as protecting the eyes from liquid splashes and flying debris, with the comfort and usability of safety glasses. All advantage, no comprise.

Many manufacturers of protective eyewear offer scratch resistance and anti-fog coatings on their lenses. Goggles, glasses and spoggles are all offered with such features but you should be aware that not all coatings are the same and there is variance in quality across different brands.

Our advice is to always read the reviews and select a company that backs their products with a guarantee.

ToolFreak offer a lifetime guarantee on distortion free vision

ToolFreak trade via buyer protection portals such as PayPal

For companies that have hazardous work environments that their employees have to operate in, there has always been a problem with eye safety. Responsibility for the safety of the workforce is shared between management and staff but human nature cannot be overcome with rigid rules such as ‘eye protection must be worn at all times.’

If a professional tradesperson cannot see what they are doing through scuffed and fogged up safety lenses, they will take them off. If protective glasses are uncomfortable and irritate the wearer while they are trying to concentrate, they will be removed leaving the worker’s eyes vulnerable.

Providing a workforce with inadequate eye protection could be seen as being just as bad as offering no protection at all. The employer may still be culpable for eye injuries of employees in these circumstances.

According to The American Association of Ophthalmology there are 20,000 workplace eye injuries in the United States each year. This has been calculated to be costing $300million a year in lost productivity, medical expenses and worker compensation.

The answer is to increase comfort and eliminate vision restriction while maintaining full protection. Spoggles achieve this with a foam lining and interchangeable head strap.

The foam lining is the part of the design that enables a seal to be formed around the eyes. When used with the head strap the seal is firm enough to qualify the spoggle as a goggle conforming to ANSI z87.1 & EN166 standards.

Without the strap the seal is still present and strong enough to protect against liquid splashes, dust and debris. The foam padding is also the major provider of comfort with industry reviewers talking about forgetting they were wearing safety glasses and keeping them on all day

ToolFreak has taken the design of spoggles to a new level. The performance and style of products like The Spoggle Smoke Lens have begun to attract admirers and users from the sporting world.

Sports men and women are always looking for an edge over their competition so it is no surprise that competitors from various different disciplines have come to realise the potential of well crafted and effective sport eyewear.

Vision clarity, facial comfort, product durability and eye protection are highly prized in sport.This list is just a few examples of where spoggles excel:

● Participants in fast-moving sports like cycling value clear vision and protection from wind, glare, weather elements and road debris.

● Players of racquet sports benefit from the protection of impact resistance, unobstructed sight and the snug comfort of eyewear that, once fitted, is not going anywhere.

● Any water sports where the spray of salt water in the eyes would result in a competitive disadvantage.

● Archery/shooting/hunting - clear vision and protection from debris are paramount. If you enjoy this type of sport but haven’t tried it with yellow tints then you’re missing out. The vision boost over your regular shooting glasses will amaze you.

The option of using industrial eyewear for sport has been around for a long time so you might ask yourself why is it only a recent thing. The answer is in the style that modern materials and manufacturing techniques allows. Review our range and you will quickly understand what we mean.

In sports, as in industry, there is no longer a choice to be made between style and substance



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