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They’re much more than cool glasses that make you look like a badass. Polarized lenses perform an important protective function that is essential to some key industrial processes. Reflected sunlight can be a big problem for our eyes. Intense light can temporarily blind us and damage our vision in the long term. If your line of business involves working outside in the sun then wearing polarized lenses in your safety glasses is definitely something you should be seriously considering.. Generally, sunlight is not a problem for us in our everyday lives. The most UV protection our eyes usually need is...

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If you spend time outdoors Polarized Safety Glasses would be an extremely useful accessory for you! These cool and courageous-looking Safety Glasses are ideal for a number of people in varying job roles. 

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This article is for those who work outdoors, play sports outdoors, and well... do absolutely anything outdoors. We are here to let you know just how incredibly beneficial Bifocal Safety Glasses with smoke tinted lenses can be! Keep on reading to find out more. 

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