Tinted Safety Glasses - What tint would benefit you the most?

One tint does not fit all!

Safety Glasses come in a variety of different lens colours, which is extremely useful, because one tint certainly does not fit all. Where you work and the conditions you are faced with, will have a huge impact on the lens colour most suited to you.

From the bright and beaming sunlight, to the dark and dull workshops, to the presence of blue light, you really should take note of your surroundings, in order to select the most suitable safety glasses for you!

In this blog post, we discuss ways in which you can identify what lens colours would be of most benefit to you; and identify and explain a variety of different lens colours, while highlighting their uses and benefits within specific environments!

So, how can you decide what lens colour would be best for you?

It is worthwhile to consider the following few points, to help you better understand the environment you work, the issues you face; and the safety glasses that would provide you with the best solution.

  • Firstly, Where do you work? Do you work outside regularly? Do you find that the sunlight enters your eyesight throughout the working day? Or do you complete your work indoors? Is there much light entering your work space?
  • Secondly, What struggles do you encounter while working? For example, do you often find that you cannot see with great clarity due to the dim surroundings? Is there a lack of light exposure in your workspace? Or on the other hand, do you find that you are in discomfort and often distracted by the extremely bright sunlight? 
  • Thirdly, What time of day you complete your work? Does your timetable allow you to work in the middle of the day, when the sun is out in full force, or are you a night owl, working throughout the evening and early hours? The time of day will have a colossal impact on your need for certain lenses, so please do consider this point!

We hope that these questions can provide you with greater clarity and insight into selecting a suitable lens colour. Keep note of your answers and please do refer to them as we detail specific lens colours below!

Clear Lens Safety Glasses! 

Tinted Safety Glasses - What tint would benefit you the most?

Clear lens Safety Glasses are very popular among people who work indoors, but can also be of great use to those working outdoors. These crystal clear lenses promote better visibility and are backed up with ANSU approved impact rating, so you can protect your eyes from high velocity impact and have an eagle eye on the task in hand.

Yellow Lens Safety Glasses!

Tinted Safety Glasses - What tint would benefit you the most?

If you are looking to enhance your performance in dull and lowlight conditions then safety glasses with yellow lenses would be of great use to you! Yellow lenses can brighten these dull and overcast conditions. So, if you work outdoors and often find yourself completing tasks in the dark and dull weather; or perhaps you work indoors, with a lack of bright light, you should consider opting for protective eyewear with this particular lens colour. 

Smoke Lens Safety Glasses!

Tinted Safety Glasses - What tint would benefit you the most?

Reduce bright light and increase your visual clarity with smoke lens safety glasses! If you are frustrated with the overwhelming sunlight entering your vision; distracting and distorting your vision, equip yourself with these insanely useful safety glasses. This specific lens colour is often used by those who work outdoors, or on the road! Forget about the annoying sunlight impacting your vision and enjoy comfort and convenience from the very first moment you wear them!

Polarized Safety Glasses!

Tinted Safety Glasses - What tint would benefit you the most?

Indeed, these Safety glasses look outrageously cool, but there is so much more to these sick safety glasses than their fashionable features… Polarized Safety Glasses can reduce the intense glare of the sun and the bright light reflecting off a variety of surfaces. They are very popular among drivers, in particular truck drivers; and long distance drivers who often face the intense glare of the sun on a regular basis. They have a chemical coating applied to them that filters out light that would cause unwanted and uncomfortable glare. 

Red Mirror Safety Glasses! 

Tinted Safety Glasses - What tint would benefit you the most?

Red Mirror Safety Glasses are similar to smoke tinted Safety Glasses; and they are ideal for those who work outdoors, in bright, sunny conditions! Rated to ANSI standards, they can offer the impact protection, so you can stay focussed and be your most productive self! Forget about distraction and distortions and enjoy these fashionable and durable Safety Glasses. 

You could also opt for Safety Glasses with Bifocal lenses! If you would like to find out more about these cool and convenient Safety Glasses, check out our blog post dedicated to Bifocal Safety Glasses!

So, what lens colour would be of most use to you? We hope this blog post has answered any questions and queries you may have! If you are well on your way to popping a pair of protective glasses in your basket, be sure to let us know in the comment section below what colour you have gone for, we would love to know.

If you do have any follow-up questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with The ToolFreak Team today, we are more than happy to help you! We regularly update this site, with cool and informative posts, so keep your eyes peeled for fresh blogs coming soon!

The ToolFreak Team!

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