What are Bifocal Safety Glasses and why do I need them?

What are Bifocal Safety Glasses and why do I need them? 

Bifocal Safety Glasses are a staple piece of safety equipment that have the power to protect your eyes AND enhance your vision. Your eyesight is precious and you must protect it at all costs, injuries can not only cause detriment to your eyesight but also your livelihood! 

 Did you know that 90% of eye injuries can be prevented by the use of proper eye protection? And yes, before you hesitate, you read that correctly, a whopping 90%! Statistics show that every single year over 800,000 eye injuries take place on the job, with 36,000 of those inflicted having to take time off work!

 Here at ToolFreak, we take the wellbeing of your eyes seriously! We are proactive and not reactive and we strongly believe that you should be too! We have created this article to inform you on the many benefits that Bifocal Safety glasses bring. Keep on reading to find out more about these vision enhancing, protective glasses.

What does the term ‘Bifocal Safety Glasses’ actually mean?

Bifocal Safety Glasses, also known as ‘Safety Glasses with readers’ have impact-rated safety lenses with magnifiers moulded directly into them.

 They are ideal for those who are in need of reading glasses as well as impact resistant Safety Eyewear! They protect your eyes from strain as well as varying environmental hazards and allow you to focus and switch between changing tasks, while ensuring impeccable vision.

Bifocal Safety glasses come in a range of different dioptres (strengths), so you can select the dioptre that suits the strength of your eyesight, ranging from 1.00 to 3.00. Following on, this means that you will be able to see clearly at a range of different distances, so you can focus on objects nearby, as well as objects at a distance (approximately within 18 inches from your eyes).

When you buy Bifocal Safety glasses you are not confined to one lens colour, you really are spoilt for choice! You have the option to choose between smoke-tinted, clear lenses, as well as many more colours, all depending on where you decide to buy your safety eyewear from; and what colours they have available. 

Most Bifocal Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87 + certified, so they can protect your eyes from impact and UV. This means that they can stand the test of time in many different and potentially hazardous situations. When you wear Bifocal Safety glasses, you can relax, knowing that your eyes are properly protected from any potential dangers, such as flying debris.

What are Bifocal Safety Glasses and why do I need them? ToolFreak Safety Glasses

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Who would benefit from wearing Bifocal Safety glasses?

Bifocal Safety Glasses benefit many different people in a magnitude of industries. From Architects, to Surveyors, to Doctors, to Site Managers, to many other Professionals.

They are perfect for people who require reading glasses as well impact-rated Safety Eyewear.

We want to showcase the many benefits of Bifocals and bring them to life with an example case study! So, let us introduce you to Joe Bloggs, an Architect who requires protective, vision-enhancing reading glasses.

A large part of Joe’s job role consists of him regularly visiting construction sites. While on site Joe wears Safety Goggles to protect his eyes from debris and other dangers!

He often wears his readers underneath a pair of large, bulky Safety Goggles, in order to focus on the many tasks he has to complete, from reading plans, to checking measurements, to everything in between. Joe is extremely aware that it is vitally important that he has an eagle eye and can understand everything to an exact millimetre.

 For years Joe has been in discomfort wearing 2 pairs of glasses, he has found himself frustrated at the fact that he has to wear reading glasses to properly see and understand his plans, as well as big, over glasses, to provide ultimate protection.

Joe recently decided to invest in a pair of Bifocal Safety Glasses, since doing so, they have allowed him to read, write and understand plans and measurements on site with great ease.

In turn, Joe has found that since investing in Bifocal Safety glasses he has saved so much time. In the past, he found himself switching between readers and Safety Glasses, but now he has much more productive time on his hands, meaning he can not only produce his work to his utmost potential but is also efficient with his time.

Joe has concluded that this innovative eyewear utilises the benefits of both readers AND Safety Goggles and has the drawbacks of neither! Since combatting this discomfort, Joe has reaped the many benefits of this modern & multipurpose Safety Eyewear.

What are the benefits of Bifocal Safety Glasses?


 Bifocal Safety Glasses have the power and capability to enhance your vision, allowing you to improve the quality of your work as well as your productivity! When you place these protective and high quality Safety Glasses on you will be amazed with the sheer clarity and quality of your vision. The built in magnifiers allow you to clearly see objects close up, as well as at a distance. These vision enhancing, impact resistant glasses really will assist you in seeing the world with insane clarity. 


 When you wear Bifocal Safety glasses you automatically eliminate the need to swap between multiple eyewear options. You no longer waste your time switching between readers and protective, Safety Goggles. As mentioned above, they have the benefits and uses of both and the drawbacks of neither. From the moment you order a pair of Bifocal Safety Glasses, you will have already saved a great deal of time, researching and buying another pair of glasses. Not to mention the fact that they can boost your efficiency on the job, quit wasting time and spend it wisely focussing on the task in hand.

Cost efficient

When you buy bifocal safety glasses, you don't just save time, you save money! What’s the point paying twice when you can reap all of the benefits of both with just one pair of glasses. 

What are the main features I should look for when buying Bifocal Safety glasses?

  • Check the dioptre (strength) and make sure it’s the right one for you!
  • Make sure they are impact & UV rated.
  • Ensure they are rated to ANSI Z87+ standards. 
  • Look for high-quality, durable features, such as good fitting legs or wrap around lenses.
  • Check that the Lens colour benefits and compliments your working conditions (Clear for indoor working conditions/ Smoke Lens- for outdoor working conditions/ Yellow for dull & lowlight conditions). Click here to find out about the varying lens colours and the many benefits of each. 

If you have found this blog useful and informative, please do get in touch and let us know! We really appreciate your feedback. Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to help you! Here at ToolFreak, we take great pride in being Safety Eyewear experts and will happily assist and answer your questions!

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