What are the benefits of wearing Polarized Safety Glasses?

If you spend time outdoors, then Polarized Safety Glasses would be an extremely useful accessory for you! Whether you’re surfing or surveying, these cool and courageous-looking safety glasses are ideal for a variety of people, in a range of environments and industries.

These insane looking Safety Glasses offer protection from the intense glare of the sun! Overcoming the annoying and often distracting glare can be quite a difficult task, however Polarized Safety Glasses offer great help, which means you can be productive and efficient, with no distractions or distortions getting in your way!

Before we go into detail, explaining how beneficial these specific Safety Glasses actually are, we want to explain how Polarized Safety Glasses work!

A chemical coating is applied to the glasses lens and the molecules within this coating form a barrier pattern. This filters out horizontal light, an example of this type of light would be a light that has bounced off a puddle on the road!

The easiest way to explain and understand the difference between horizontal and vertical light, is to picture light in terms of waves. If sunlight hits a non-reflective surface, it will diffuse into vertical light, with waves of low intensity. However, rays that have hit a reflective surface maintain high intensity, traveling as horizontal waves of light.

Polarized Safety Glasses will only allow vertical light to pass through them, this means that glare is eliminated, as the horizontal light is thankfully reflected away. Indeed this may sound slightly confusing, but in a nutshell, these insanely useful Safety Glasses will only allow light that will not induce glare, so you can say goodbye to distortion and discomfort and hello to comfort and clarity galore!

Check out the photo below to better understand how polarized safety glasses actually work!

What are the benefits of wearing Polarized Safety Glasses?

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As you can see, when glare is eliminated your clarity enhances and your vision becomes second to none, even on the brightest of days.

So, what are the benefits of Polarized Safety Glasses?

Well, the most commonly known benefit of Polarized Safety Glasses, is the fact that they reduce the intense glare of the sun. When you wear these Safety Glasses you protect your eyes against the bright and beaming light. This elimination is beneficial in a number of different environments, situations and working industries.

Whether you’re fishing, or taking part in a number of different outdoor activities, the glare of the sun can often be a hindrance, distracting and distorting your vision! Now, this can effect your focus; and there is nothing worse than your focus and concentration being taken away from you, right?

Below we have outlined a few varying situations, where the use of Polarized Safety Glasses would be extremely useful.

If you’re an Architect or Surveyor, you may often work outdoors; and you will need to focus and be able to understand detailed plans and measurements. The intense glare of the sun could make this task taxing, when it really doesn't need to be. This glare could cause distraction, distortions AND discomfort. From the very first second you place a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses on, you can wave goodbye to all of these problematic issues! So you can stay focussed and ensure you have an eagle eye and fantastic attention to detail.

The glare of the sun can also impact your driving conditions, which in turn can affect your ability to drive with clarity and therefore caution. Glare can be hazardous whilst driving. I can guarantee those of you reading; and the majority of the population will have experienced the sheer anxiety of driving and the glare of the sun taking control of your vision! This can cause accidents, which in some cases, can be fatal…Wearing Polarized Safety Glasses can reduce the glare, which in turn can help reduce the distraction, discomfort; and well… anxiety of battling the glare while driving in bright conditions! (We are however not stating that Polarized Safety Glasses will protect you from accidents/ the overall glare)

Now, these safety glasses don't just help while driving, they also offer a helping hand in a number of different situations! Polarized Safety Glasses are often worn while fishing! If you have ever been fishing yourself, I’m sure you will understand the excitement of getting a bite! Well, how truly frustrating would it be, having this victory taken away from you due to the bright sunlight distracting you and taking your focus and your victory away from you. Well, we’re not saying that these safety glasses secure you heavy-weight fishes, that takes a great amount of skill and experience of course! However... What we are saying is that the use of Polarized Safety Glasses can help eradicate the distortion and distraction that comes from the glare of the sun.

Polarized Safety Glasses also deem popular amongst those operating plant machinery, this includes: Forklift Drivers, Digger Operators & Tarmac Layers (as well as many more people form a number of different industries. The intense glare of the sun could distract those driving and operating large machines, which could be hazardous, to not only those driving but those around them.

What additional benefits can I expect from the use of Polarized Safety Glasses?

  • Maintain Clarity- When you are no longer battling the intense glare and the distractions that come with it, you will benefit from insane clarity.
  • Enhanced Productivity- If you work outside, I am sure you will understand how frustrating the bright and beaming sun can be at times, the distraction alone could mean you waste time, when you could have been productive on the job. Polarized Safety Glasses could help reduce this distraction and help you be super productive.
  • Insane Focus- Focus is key, right? Well, when you have no distractions and distortions in your way, staying focused will be an absolute breeze. Being able to see well with no intense glare could also help boost your awareness and therefore your safety.
  • Versatility- You can wear Polarized Safety Glasses in a number of different situations. So whether you’re at work, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to have a pair of polarized safety glasses at the ready.

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