When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition!

When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition!

Safety Glasses are often underrated and misunderstood accessories, as many people assume that they are simply boring and bulky and do absolutely nothing for your image! We here at ToolFreak can assure you that Safety Glasses can offer protection AND be fashionable at the same time! Keep on reading to find out more…

Safety Glasses have the power to protect your precious eyesight! In fact, over 800,000 eye injuries occur each year and 90% of which could have been prevented with the use of proper eye protection. So, technically speaking, that’s around 720,000 eye injuries avoided, thanks to the use of Safety Glasses! 

Today, the use of Safety Glasses is advised; and in some industries, essential… Industries such as: The Medical Industry, The Retail Industry, The Beauty Industry, as well a long list of other sectors, now require the use of safety equipment, in order to work and serve the general public.

Safety Glasses offer protection from impact, debris and other particles, as well as a handful of other hazardous materials. Safety Glasses can also offer UV protection and can be rated to ANSI Z87+ standards, depending on where you buy your safety glasses from of course.

Safety is of course the most important feature of safety glasses, that’s pretty obvious, it’s in the name, right!? Here at ToolFreak, we believe that ultimate protection is paramount, as is your right to look insanely cool! Strong and sturdy safety glasses don’t have to be unflattering and uncool. You really don’t have to sacrifice cool for comfort, you can have it all!

So, how can Safety Glasses be trend-setting pieces of Safety Equipment?

Like most things, you can opt for boring or you can opt for brilliance… Here at ToolFreak we strive towards creating incredible safety glasses that provide you with protection while promoting cool and edgy features. Just take a look at the pictures below, promoting safety and fashion simultaneously! 

When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition!

Model wears ToolFreak Polarized Safety Glasses- Shop here! 

Features of fearless & fashionable Safety Glasses


Big, bulky safety glasses can weigh you down… literally! Safety Glasses that are heavy are quite simply a burden. How much of a hindrance would it be having to carry this weight around all day long! Smart & slim goggles are so light, in fact, you will forget that they’re on your head or in your bag. Save your energy for more important tasks ahead…


Safety Glasses come in all shapes, sizes and designs. At ToolFreak, we spray the arms of our safety glasses with bright & beaming colours that just scream ‘cool and courageous’. Why would you settle for boring, mundane eyewear that looks lifeless.


As mentioned above, you can buy smart safety glasses, with luminous colours sprayed onto them, well, you can also choose between a number of different lens colours, depending on what environment you plan to wear them in. You can opt for yellow lenses in dull & lowlight conditions, or choose clear lenses that promote insane clarity! Or perhaps you want reflective, red mirror safety glasses? These will make you look like a complete bad a** that’s for sure.

Trend Setting:  

Lifeless Safety Glasses do no favours for your image… Plus, they can often be extremely unflattering. You could stand out from the crowd when you select a slick pair of safety glasses and become an absolute trendsetter in your industry. 

Here at ToolFreak, we have dedicated our time, energy (and well… our lives) to creating fashionable & durable safety glasses! We take great pride in providing Safety eyewear that you will love!

Although we are proud of all of our safety Glasses, we LOVE Polarized Safety Glasses (as shown above), as well as our Reevo Red Mirror Safety Glasses, as they are courageously trendy, just take a look at the photo below, we’re certain you will agree....

When Fashion Meets Safety- The Safety Eyewear Edition!

If you would like to buy these safety glasses, then check them out on our website! We offer a number of different safety glasses, each with their own benefits and uses. There is something for everyone, so don't be shy, go take a look at our fashionable safety eyewear! 

Fashion is of course a HUGE factor to take into consideration when deciding what Safety Glasses you should buy… However, safety is paramount. After all, this equipment is designed and created to keep your eyes safe!

Below we have created a safety glasses check list for you! So take a look and and make sure you take these factors into consideration when selecting your safety eyewear!

  • Ensure that they meet specific certifications and requirements, such as: ANSI Z87+ & EN166FT
  • Make sure that they offer impact protection
  • Look for those that offer UV protection
  • Find comfortable safety glasses, potentially those with padded features, to allow for all day comfort,
  • Check with your employer or association that you are purchasing the right pair for your sector/industry/group.

All of these factors are of great importance, so please do ensure that you select a pair of safety glasses that will project your eyes! To reiterate, please check with your employer/officer, that your selection is approved by their standards. 

If you have enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we take great pride in being protective eyewear experts, so please ask away!

If you were slightly hesitant before reading this post, thinking ‘Safety Glasses are not fashionable, they never have been and never will be’, we would love to know if we have swayed your opinion and made you think otherwise! Let us know in the comment section below!

We post a number of blog posts on our website, from picking the perfect lens colour, to investing in Bifocal Safety Glasses, to a number of engaging and informative posts. If you want to find out more about safety glasses then go check it out! PLUS, it gets better! We don’t just post about safety eyewear, we discuss a number of topics, including: Carpentry, Trucking; and SO much more! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more content coming very soon!
Thanks for reading!

The ToolFreak Team!

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