Why should I wear Safety Glasses in the winter?

Safety Glasses are essential, whatever the weather! Whether you’re basking in the summertime rays, feeling the crisp brace of the winter snow, or caught in the springtime showers, Safety Eyewear will always deem extremely beneficial. In today’s post we focus on the wintertime and detail how Safety Eyewear can help you throughout these cold and often overcast months.

Why should I wear Safety Eyewear in the Winter ToolFreak Safety Glasses

The importance of Safety Eyewear in general!

We want to kickstart this post by highlighting the sheer importance of Safety Eyewear in general! Protective Eyewear is a convenient, comfortable and cost effective piece of Safety Equipment that has the power to protect your eyes from a number of hazards. 

Safety Glasses should meet ANSI Z87+ standards and should therefore offer protection against certain UV rays; as well as defence against impact. Safety Eyewear is often worn to protect the eyes from flying debris and other hazardous particles, popular eye injuries include: striking or scraping of the eye, as well as penetration from a sharp object; and in some cases, chemical burns. 

Studies show that approximately 800,000 eye injuries arise in the workplace every year; and according to statistics 90% of these injuries could actually be prevented by the use of Safety Glasses. So, that’s a mind-blowing 720,000 eye injuries potentially avoided just by the use of this small and inexpensive piece of Safety Equipment.

As you can see, Safety Glasses are an extremely powerful protective tool that can prevent unwanted injuries. Below we have explained how Safety Glasses can offer you a helping hand throughout the winter time. 

How can Safety Glasses help you throughout winter? 

  • Safety Glasses offer UV protection! Wearing Sunglasses/ Safety Glasses may seem like a crazy thought in the winter, right? As we often assume that the winter months provide dark and dull forecasts as opposed to bright and beaming sunny spells. Well, it is still vitally important that you wear Protective Eyewear to combat UV rays. Low sun and the reflections from snow/ice can often cause intense glare; which can not only impact your vision but also increase the number of rays entering your eyesight. So it is an absolute must  that you continue to wear Sunglasses/ Safety Glasses throughout these crisp and cold months. If you are facing the intense glare of the sun; and allowing for these harmful rays to enter your eyes, you could be causing damage to your future eyesight. So please, we urge you to invest in a pair of  high quality Safety Glasses.
  • Combat the bright sun with Smoke Tinted Lenses & Polarized Lenses! Following on from the first point, if you find yourself in bright conditions, where the intense glare of the sun is impacting your vision, you should definitely consider buying a pair of Polarized Safety Glasses, these are carefully designed, using the latest technology to combat the intense, annoying and often dangerous glare of the sun. Smoke-tinted lenses are also valuable when it comes to being exposed to the sun, as they can dim the brightness and allow you to see clearly and focus on all that is around you, with no distraction or distortion.
  • Now, for the bleak days that offer little to no sunlight, we would highly recommend having a pair of Yellow Lens Safety Glasses at the ready. These specific Safety Glasses could be extremely useful to those working outdoors in dull, lowlight; and overcast conditions. Throughout the winter, days can often be dark and grey which can impact your field of vision. When you pop on a pair of Yellow Lens Safety Glasses, your view is suddenly brightened and enhanced by this luminous and extremely helpful coloured lens. When you have a greater view of what is going on all around you; you can be alert and aware and also focus on the task ahead of you.
  • As mentioned before, Safety Glasses can protect your eyes from debris and other particles; well in the winter time, there may be sharp pieces of snow or ice around you, which could be extremely painful if it were to enter your eyesight. So, whether you’re working or taking part in sport; and conditions are icy and snow is pouring down; be sure to have a pair of Safety Glasses with you! Also, it is worthwhile to note that when a snow shower hits, our eyesight can often be overwhelmed and impacted by the consistent snowfall, so you may not be able to see any pieces of debris or other hazardous materials around you which could inflict unwanted pain and therefore damage to your eyesight.

When shopping for Safety Eyewear, we would advise that you find a pair that provide both protection and comfort. We would also suggest looking for a pair that utilise wraparound features and are rated to ANSI Z87+ standards, this way you can be at ease knowing that your Safety Glasses have undergone rigorous testing to ensure paramount protection, for you, the customer.

Below, we have inserted a selection of photos showcasing our very own range of ToolFreak Safety Glasses, taken throughout this snowy season. If you would like to shop any of the Safety Glasses displayed below, simply click the link detailed in the section below. 

Why should I wear Safety Eyewear in the Winter ToolFreak Safety Glasses

Why should I wear Safety Eyewear in the Winter ToolFreak Safety Glasses

Why should I wear Safety Eyewear in the Winter ToolFreak Safety Glasses

If you would like to buy a pair of our insanely cool Safety Glasses, please click here! We offer a wide range of Protective Glasses here at ToolFreak, in a range of shapes, sizes and lens colours, so there really is something for everyone.

If you have any questions, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ToolFreak Team today, we would love to hear from you and we are always happy to help. Simply leave a comment below or head over to our ‘Contact us’ section now.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this, if you would like to check out similar blog posts on a wide range of topics, click here!

Have a good one!

The ToolFreak Team!

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