Smoke Tinted Safety Glasses are perfect for working outdoors!

Why Smoke Tinted Safety Glasses are perfect for working outdoors!

This article is for those who work outdoors, play sports outdoors, and well... do absolutely anything outdoors. We are here to let you know just how incredibly beneficial smoke tinted Safety Glasses can be. We will also discuss smoke tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses and expand on their benefits in the workplace.

 Working in the great outdoors certainly has its perks, from enjoying the crisp, fresh air to basking in the summertime rays, it really can be amazing… However, working outside isn't always perfect, like any other job it definitely has its trials and tribulations!

 Although working in the sun is superb, it does have its drawbacks! The glare of the bright sun can be a hindrance, it can distract and distort your vision, which is the last thing you want while trying to complete a job!

Smoke tinted Lenses are used to dim the brightness of your surroundings without distorting the clarity of everything around you! They are ideal for when you’re working outdoors, trying to concentrate on a task and need to have clear vision! They remove the distraction of the bright and blinding sun and boost your ability to see with high clarity.

 Bifocal Safety glasses with smoke tinted lenses incorporate the benefits mentioned above, as well as a vast number of other beneficial features! Bifocal Safety Glasses, are also known as ‘Safety Glasses with readers’, they have impact-rated safety lenses with magnifiers moulded directly into them. (If you want to find out more about Bifocal Safety Glasses, check out our Bifocal blog post).

Beneficial Features of Bifocal Safety glasses:

  • THEY PROTECT YOUR EYES- Bifocal Safety Glasses can provide incredible protection for your eyes. The strong and sturdy legs and lenses provide high-quality protection. They are impact rated, so you don't worry about anything flying into your eyes, damaging them and causing detriment. They also offer certain UV protection, so you can relax knowing that your eyes are being taken care of and you can worry less about them being strained and growing tired. 
  • ENHANCE YOUR VISION- Bifocal Safety Glasses have magnifiers moulded into them with varying dioptres depending on the strength that you require. This means that you will be able to see clearly, read any information that you need to; and forget about poor vision or the need to wear reading glasses underneath a pair of Safety Glasses. 
  • THEY CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY- Following on from above, when you eliminate the need to swap glasses constantly you save yourself so much time. This means that you can focus on the task in hand and remain efficient and productive. Be savvy with your spending with these multipurpose Safety Glasses! You will save yourself the need to invest in two different pairs of glasses, as you will have the benefits of both and the drawbacks of neither with these amazing Safety Glasses. 

What type of outdoor jobs would benefit from smoke tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses?

  • Architect
  • Civil Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Construction roles
  • Carpentry roles
  • Building Roles
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Structural Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Architectural Technician
  • Plant Technician
  • Contracts Manager
  • Demolition Operative
  • Plant Mechanic
  • Plant Operator
  • Farming roles

Smoke tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses example case study:

Here at ToolFreak we love providing our readers with case studies, so we can bring all of this information to life, so you, our awesome reader, can relate...

Meet Site Manager, Joe Blogs. Joe spends a great deal of time on site, checking plans, overseeing tasks; and managing a large team of people! Joe struggles with his eyesight and often finds himself having eye strain as well as feelings of fatigue, which is both inconvenient and uncomfortable for Joe. Joe has been wearing his reading glasses, as well as a pair of big, bulky clear lens Safety Glasses that he found online for a low price. 

After months of discomfort, headaches and tired eyes, Joe decided enough was enough and decided to do his research, he learnt all about the benefits of Bifocal Safety Glasses and more specifically the perks of smoke tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses. Joe then decided to bite the bullet and invest in a pair of dark smoke tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses. 

Needless to say Joe reaped the above benefits from the moment he put his brand new pair of Bifocal Safety Glasses on…Joe discovered that the bifocal lenses allowed him to see plans clearly, understand text without squinting and struggling; and could oversee his team without the strain of the sunlight impacting him!

So guys, what are you waiting for, stop wasting time with eye strain, distraction and distortion and buy a pair of Bifocal Safety glasses today!

Where can I find a pair of high quality smoke tinted Bifocal Safety glasses?

ToolFreak’s Bifocal Safety Glasses Range:

 When seeking the right pair of Bifocal Safety Glasses it is vitally important that you avoid making poor choices. This simple and straightforward piece of safety equipment can be complex. We have dedicated our lives here at The ToolFreak Headquarters to creating and distributing Safety Eyewear that comes with all of the necessary technical safety requirements. Our Safety Glasses ensure high clarity vision allowing you to improve your focus. Our Bifocal Safety Glasses are designed to protect you from impact and offer 99.9% UV protection and are rated to ANSI z87+ standards.

If these Safety Glasses sound like something you would like then please take a look at our vast range of products, you can shop them here…(

We hope you are filled with knowledge and fuelled with excitement to buy your perfect pair of safety glasses. If you want to find out more information about other types of safety glasses then take a look through our blogs, we strive to inform and educate the public as we are extremely passionate about Protective Eyewear. 

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