Why Zach Settewongse, Artist, Maker and Content Creator, wears ToolFreak Safety Glasses in the workshop.

If you are new to our site and would like to get to know Zach Settewongse, the US based Artist, Maker and Content Creator, Check out our previous blog post! Today, we are discussing ways in which Zach makes sure safety is a paramount priority within his cool and creative workshop. This post is perfect for anyone who would like to find out more about high quality safety equipment; and smart preventive measures to avoid unwanted injuries in the workplace.

Why Zach Settewongse, Artist, Maker and Content Creator, wears ToolFreak Safety Glasses in the workshop.

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Hey there Zach, it is great to have you back here on our blog! Today, we would love to hear your helpful hints and tips on staying safe in your workshop! So please, do tell, how do you stay safe on the job? 

I’ve always been safety conscious. In my shop I have two fire extinguishers and an area dedicated to safety equipment. Safety glasses, face shields, respirators, ear protection, a variety of gloves and helmets”.

Safety is seriously important Zach, so we are extremely happy to hear that you take it seriously! Have you ever had any accidents on the job? 

“Well I always have minor accidents on almost a daily basis. The occasional cut and scrapes but I have never had a serious accident that required medical attention. The reason I haven't had a serious accident is definitely due to safety equipment”. 

Phew! We are glad you have never encountered a serious accident or injury and we admire how seriously you take your safety on the job! What do you think of your ToolFreak Safety Glasses? How would you rate them?

“I have an entire drawer full of safety glasses. I wear safety glasses everyday. I did a lot of research on my latest pair of Tool Freak Safety Glasses before purchasing them. I’ve been using them for about three months now and love them. The fact that I haven’t broken them in three months says a lot”. 

Fantastic! It’s great to hear such amazing feedback! We take great pride in providing extremely durable and fashionable Safety Glasses here at ToolFreak! What specific features do you like about this particular Protective Eyewear? 

“The quality of the Tool Freak Safety Glasses is impressive but I’d have to say the comfort is my favourite feature. I forget I have them on all the time which is obvious to those watching my YouTube builds”.

That’s really interesting to hear and we are glad you find our Safety Glasses comfortable! What do you think about them in terms of fashion, safety and durability?

“They are by far the most comfortable Safety Glasses I have ever worn. There are some really fashionable models but I choose the most functional ones. Besides just function I choose them because they look like heavy duty safety glasses. I really wanted to make a statement about the importance of wearing Safety Glasses on my YouTube channel. I think it’s because I grew up watching This Old House and New Yankee Workshop in which Norm Abram always started by stressing the importance of Safety Glasses”. 

Would you recommend ToolFreak Safety Eyewear to a friend? If yes, why so?

“Yes I definitely would recommend Tool Freak Safety glasses and it’s why I leave a link to them on my videos. I also really try and set the mindset for those Makers who watch my videos to wear safety equipment”. 

Thank you Zach, that is brilliant to hear! We work extremely hard in order to create and sell high quality Safety Eyewear, so we really do value your feedback. What would you say are the top pieces of safety equipment that you swear by? 

“Safety Glasses and hearing protection”!

What advice would you give to others in regards to Safety on the job?

“You don’t get a second chance at damaging or losing your eyesight. Always wear safety glasses”. 

Awesome! We completely agree with you! Your eyesight is precious and you should do everything you can to prevent injuries and prolong healthy eyesight! 

If you would like to find out more about Zach, be sure to check out his different platforms, he regularly posts cool and engaging content, so don’t miss out and take a look today!

Instagram: Instagram.com/settewongse

YouTube: YouTube.com/ZachSettewongse

If you would like to buy a pair of high quality Safety Glasses that are rated to ANSI Z87+ standards, please click here to shop ToolFreak today!

Thanks for reading and remember to stay safe!

The ToolFreak Team!

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