What are Wrap Around Safety Glasses and why do I need them?

Wrap Around Safety Glasses- What are they and why do I need them?

Slick, smart, Secure. These three words spring to mind when I think about wraparound Safety Glasses and the many benefits they bring to those wearing them! 

Wraparound Safety Glasses feature a semi-circular frame shape, which comfortably wraps around your head, while providing peripheral coverage.

These sleek and stylish glasses are becoming increasingly popular amidst many different people, in many different industries and environments. This is because their strong and secure shape provides incredible protection.

 Your eyes are extremely precious; and in many different situations and scenarios, they may be at risk of being damaged, which can have an extremely irreversible and detrimental impact on your eyesight and therefore your livelihood. 

 Many jobs and activities expose you to flying particles and debris, which can be extremely dangerous to you and your precious eyesight. If debris enters your eyes, it has the capability to cause great harm! 

Wraparound safety glasses battle this burden, as they wrap around your eyes, hugging the glasses close to your face, acting as a barrier to debris and other particles. Paired with the shape and clarity of the lenses, these glasses not only offer protection but also peripheral coverage.

Like many other types of safety glasses, you are spoilt for choice with all of the options available. When it comes to purchasing these particular protective glasses, you are able to choose between a number of different sizes, shapes & designs. 

What different options are available when buying wraparound safety glasses?

When you buy a pair of wrap around safety glasses, you have the choice between many different designs. Here at ToolFreak we offer one piece design wraparound lenses, as well as two piece wraparound design lenses. We have inserted images below to show the difference between the two.

ToolFreak Finisher Safety Glasses.

ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses.

As you can see the design of these two differ. Both are sleek, smart safety eyewear options; that will protect your eyes from many different hazards, including debris.

As mentioned above, there are multiple different variations of ‘wraparound safety glasses’. You can also purchase more traditional wraparound safety glasses. These are built with side shields, they work in the exact same way as more modern safety glasses, they are however not built as snug fitting as the ones you can see in the photos above. 


Who would benefit from the use of Wraparound safety glasses?

These glasses appeal to a number of different people! Safety glasses are often worn by those at work, in a variety of industries, as well as those playing sport or taking part in their hobbies! 

Below we have created a list of those who would benefit from wrap around safety glasses…

Jobs that would benefit from the use Wraparound Safety Glasses:

Any jobs that involve tasks whereby debris and other small particles may be flying around the atmosphere, would benefit from wraparound safety glasses, this is because they protect your eyes from a number of different angles. For example, if you are focussing heavily on a task in hand, you will probably be able to see hazards directly in front of you, but you may not see any debris or other materials entering your eyes from the side. This is where wraparound safety glasses would most certainly help, as they offer peripheral coverage!

 This list sums up a few different jobs and is by no means a fully comprehensive list. If your job is not mentioned it may still benefit from the use of wraparound safety glasses.

  • Carpentry roles, such as kitchen fitters, first fix joiners, second fit joiners, bespoke joiners.
  • Auto Mechanic roles, including those working with machinery in the auto mechanic industry and many other roles similar to this. 
  • Aggregate Roles, including those working in quarries.
  • Roles within the construction industry, such as core drillers.
  • Plant Mechanic roles
  • Agriculture Engineer Roles
  • Agriculture Inspectors
  • Landscaping Roles
  • Tree Surgeons
  • Plus many more roles within many different industries, whereby debris and other particles are flying around

Many working industries; and sporting activities may require you to buy and wear specific safety glasses, with certain certifications, so please do check that your glasses fit the criteria required. This list is by no means exhaustive and we are by no means stating that all wraparound safety glasses are the legal requirement for these job roles. These job roles are based on past consumer purchases. Please talk to your employer or specific association.

Example Case study of Wraparound Safety Glasses in use:

Here at ToolFreak we find that example case studies really do bring the use of safety glasses to life; as we can explain them in real life situations…

Meet Joe Blogs, a bespoke bench joiner! Joe regularly spends time in his unit, operating heavy machinery. A vast majority of the time, Joe finds himself in desperate need of high quality protective eyewear, due to small, sharp pieces of wood often flying around the atmosphere. 

Joe always ensures that he has a decent pair of wraparound safety glasses on while he is working. He likes the fact that they are snug, and hug his face tightly. He also loves the fact that he has peripheral vision, allowing him to see what is going on around him.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and feel well informed in regards to wraparound safety glasses, their uses as well as their benefits. If you would like to find out more information about other types of safety glasses then take a look through our blog posts, we aim to inform and educate the public as we are extremely passionate about protective eyewear. 

If you enjoyed reading this post, then please leave us feedback! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! Keep your eyes peeled for new content coming very soon! 

Also, if you like the safety glasses in the photos above, check out our range of safety eyewear at: www.toolfreak.com

Trust the experts!

Thank You for reading!

The ToolFreak Team

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