Are you in need of eye protection that is...

super cool?
perfect for work, sports or activities?

There was a time when all eye protection looked about the same: clear, wraparound glasses that were uncomfortable, clunky, and slid down your face the moment you moved even in a little bit. That’s why we came up with a better solution—the ToolFreak Finisher safety glasses .

Along with the cool look and quality our products are amazing value

Secure your fit!

Our safety glasses are designed to ensure a comfy fit . Wear them solo or if you doing something with alot of movement, you can attach the neck cord that has easy adjustment to make even more of a secure fit.

Better Protection

The safety glasses offer all the amenities you need in a rugged pair of of eye protection but look great doing it.

Keep them safe

Putting your safety glasses down uncovered is never ideal . Thats why we've included the microfibre storage pouch thats doubles up as a lens cleaning cloth

Product Features

1. Cushoined rubber ear rests

2. Sprung tension frame for a better grip and fit

3. Soft rubber nose bridge

4. Unique ventilation for better airflow between lens and eyes

5. Impact resistant clear lens with maximum UV protection

Enhanced Vision - Enhanced Comfort!

Designed to please even your demanding needs these safety glassses have an impact resistant lens and frame.

Perfect for all day comfort wear with the ultra light frame ,

The distortion free lens technology enhances your vision from the very first use . Put them on and see for yourself!!

No more...

  • ...harmful UV rays
  • ...eyesight blurring
  • ..,being uncomfortable
Extremely Versatile! Dare To Believe It?

Our lightweight and compact safety glasses are extremely multipurpose and fun to use. Explore their many uses, starting from today!

A perfect partner for work , sports ,activities and more ....

ToolFreak Finisher Protective Eyewear - Clear Lens

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  • Safety Glasses that will improve your performance that you will enjoy wearing!
  • See the world more clearer with high clarity vision!
  • Wear your eyewear with peace of mind, backed up with impact and UV protection.
  • Includes the easy to use adjustable beck cord and microfibre storage pouch.
  • Warranty included- If we don't meet your expectations or you have an issue we are happy to help.