ToolFreak Spoggles Protective Eyewear- Clear Lens

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ToolFreak Spoggles combines together the best features of safety glasses and protective goggles , making them the most unique and versatile piece of protective eyewear you have ever used


Besides being a staple of professional protective eyewear , these safety spoggles have many other uses . You can , for example use them in sports and outdoor activity


Our spoggles are much more than a simple piece of eyewear . With such a stylish design , they can easily be used as a fashion accessory


The spoggles feature impact resistant high quality lenses with more than 99% transparency and MAXIMUM UV protection . Ensuring that your vision remains perfect and safe to maintain healthy eyesight


When it comes to our safety spoggles , we make a point of using nothing but premium quality materials , as well as state of the art production processes and strict quality control

Our spoggles our interchangeable allowing you to use them as stylish glasses or slimline protective goggles incorporating a soft foam padded surround that will provide all day comfort and increased protection from wind, dust and flying debris making the ultimate eyewear to improve performance . Try them on and see for yourself  

Its only throughly developing , testing and using the equipment ourselves that we recommend it to you . Our years of experience coupled with our expertise will help you find the right eyewear everytime .

Our aim is to create the best products with an even greater value for our customers , as we are poised to become the most trustworthy brand in our domain . Not only do our products offer style and performance ,
they are also backed up with REAL CERTIFIED IMPACT AND UV PROTECTION after going through strict testing at the worlds leading labarotries .

ANSI Z87 Approved EN166 Approved 

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