Finding the right safety sunglasses that aren’t self-destructing and fit to your head is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We know that at ToolFreak because we dedicated our life to eyewear that comes with all necessary technical and safety requirements but doesn’t mess with you.



Light generally radiates in all directions. The electromagnetic oscillations of light are of different lengths and randomly distributed. If it hits smooth or reflective surfaces like water, metal or glass, it polarizes and shines in a certain direction. Or to be precise – in your direction.

Exactly this bundle of light causes an unpleasant glare effect which...

minimizes your performance,

eliminates your vision,

increases your accident risk,

fatigues and even injures your eyes.

Safety sunglasses with polarized lenses eliminate glare by blocking the light that would usually enter your eyes after reflecting off a surface - or in a nutshell - you aren’t “blinded by the light”.

By a special filter that contains horizontally aligned crystals. Thus, the light hitting the eyes is vertically blocked. Horizontally arriving light rays, however, are let through. In this way, the filter not only prevents glare, it also enables particularly high-contrast vision.
Benefit you with a great visual performance and clarity. Reduce intense glare and protect you from dazzling light. Provide greater productivity during outdoor or industrial activities. Offer high standards of impact and UV protection. Feast your eyes with a crisper, truer and more vivid perception. Maintain your eye health. Keep your safety at the highest levels.
Quality means responsibility
Nothing is worse than cheap plastic and lenses that offer little impact resistance and let all the harmful UV rays through. That’s why ToolFreak Rebels are made of high quality polycarbonate and equipped with polarized filters of the latest technology. For your safety, our eyewear is tested by qualified hands and you know what? Our Rebels have been granted with ANSIz87+ and ANSI Z80 by America's leading test laboratories, meaning that we can provide you with higher standards of impact, UV as well as glare protection. Yes, Quality can be as simple as that.
Made for eagle eyes
Cheaply made lenses can be a hazard for your health and nerves. Be aware that your eyesight is the most precious sense you got and protecting it means a lot to us.But the integrated dark black wraparound lenses integrated into our Rebels not only help to reduce the risk of eye problems there backed up with real industrial strength to protect you from those flying hazards. Wraparound lenses create better lateral coverage for an unrestricted panoramic frameless view. Safety sunglasses are more than just decoration for your face. Give your eagle eyes what they deserve – safety sunglasses made by the hands of professionals & experts
Providing better value
You know how the story goes... the first, second and even the third pair of safety sunglasses get either lost, pretty dirty or completely damaged until you will freak out or decide to buy additional protective equipment. To save you from exactly this trouble, we have developed a complete accessory set for your safety sunglasses, that includes all you need: 1x neck cord for intense movement or wearing round your neck 1x case for safe transport 1x water repellent pouch for wet adventures and a cleanig cloth!
Comfort for everyone
Get yourself lost in fast and heavy movements. The sprung tension frame grips to your head and avoids slippage while the upper frame part provides additional brow vents to improve airflow around your eyes. Still afraid that safety sunglasses usually don’t fit your head? Don’t worry! The flexibility of the frame and the dimension of sizes make The Rebel a universal fit for most. You can definitely say goodbye to ill fitting eyewear from now on! The internal width at temple is 5 1/4" inches Length front to back 7 1/4" inches Height top of frame to bottom of lens 1 7/8" inches Ultra light at just 1oz

ToolFreak Rebel Polarized Safety Sunglasses

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  • Polarized Safety Glasses by ToolFreak reduce intense glare and bright light reflecting off surfaces
  • A design forged with passion to raise the bar and offer better peace of mind rated to ANSI z87+
  • Improve your visual look, safety, comfort, contrast and clarity from the very first minute
  • Choose ToolFreak and be ahead of the game with eyewear thats perfect in your daily tasks
  • WARRANTY INCLUDED if we don't meet your expectations or you have an issue we are happy to help