Do you need eyewear that offers exceptional performance and real protection? You found the place to be. Finding the right eyewear that isn’t self-destructing and fits to your head is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We know that at ToolFreak because we dedicated our life to eyewear that comes with all necessary technical and safety requirements but doesn’t mess with you.

The ToolFreak REEVO – SPECIAL EDITION provides you a superior design with quality material and leading-edge optical technology. Each of the four models is unique in its own way, but all combine exactly those features that protect your eyesight from direct threats, and UVA and UVB radiance.

Rated with ANSI z87+ by America's leading test laboratories, the ‘REEVO DARK SMOKE’ model adapts even to the harshest conditions while you can indulge in the most active pursuits whether it is work, riding, fishing, shooting, sports, or any other activity that defines your way of life.

What features apply to all REEVO models?

By using the latest optical technology, ToolFreak REEVO lenses provide you a distortion free vision and better lateral coverage to improve your viewing clarity. Cast aside unnecessary distractions and focus on the task ahead with eyewear that's better fitting and better looking while offering full protection.
ToolFreak REEVO boasts an elegant look and no more distractions of ugly and ill-fitting eyewear that is made for the trash. The frame of the REEVO is characterized by an outstanding ToolFreak design in orange and black. In addition to subtle lens colors such as clear and smoke dark, the reflective red mirror and yellow lenses stand out from the range.
The special edition incorporates a frame that is durable, lightweight and comes with a stable anti-slip fit. The layer of foam between the top of the frame and your forehead spaces the glasses with a comfortable distance. On top of that, the unrestricted panoramic frameless view is backed up with high impact and U6 UV protection that has been granted with ANSI z87+ by Americans leading test laboratories.


Don’t take a leap in the dark with cheap sunglasses that harm instead of peace your mind. The smart REEVO DARK SMOKE sunglasses come with an anti-slip fit and a lightweight frame that is yet durable, and pleasant-to-wear. An integrated soft padding cushions your forehead from recoil and provides long lasting performance even in shaky environments. Premium Dark Smoke lenses protect your precious eyesight from 99.9% UV radiance, and high velocity impact – rated by America’s leading laboratories with ANSI z87+.


⦁ Material: Polycarbonate

⦁ Special Edition made for work & sport

⦁ Enhanced Vision, Distortion free

⦁ Impact & UV protection: 99,9 %

⦁ Certification: ANSI z87+

⦁ Dimensions:

⦁ 6 ¾ inches (outside front to back)

⦁ 5 ⅝ inches (internal at temple)

⦁ 1 ⅞ inches (top of frame to deepest part of lens)

⦁ Size: Universal fit for most

⦁ Weight: 1.2 ounces


You know how the story goes... the first, second and even the third pair of safety glasses get either lost, pretty dirty or completely damaged until you will freak out or decide to buy additional protective equipment. To save you from exactly this trouble, we have developed a complete ‘Premium Accessory Set’ for your safety glasses, that includes all you need:

  • Practical Zippable Hard Case and Lens Cloth
  • Water Repellent Self Closing Pouch
  • Adjustable Neck Cord to Secure Your Fit

ToolFreak Reevo Safety Glasses Smoke Lens

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  • Cast aside unnecessary distractions and focus on the task ahead with eyewear that's better fitting, better looking and all around better protection.
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