Keep your eyes safe with the ToolFreak-Rip Out wraparound safety glasses!

In need in a pair of safety glasses that are....

...reliable ?
...built for comfort?
...distortion free?
...and really multipurpose?

ToolFreak proudly present the ultimate safety eyewear . The perfect safety glasses to suit you and remove the worry of eye injuries ! We've got you covered 

These safety glasses will not only protect your eyesight but you will look cool doing it ! Try them today and see for yourself !

Select Your Wearing Style!

Our safety glasses are meticulously designed to ensure a comy fit all day long. Wear them solo or with the adjustable headband included.It;s all up to you. Forget about glasses coming loose! Minimize slipping accidents. Minimize frustration. Maximize wearing comfort! It's that simple ! 

Full Accesory Pack

Put your glasses down unprotected is never ideal thats why we've included the hard case to keep your equipment safe and prolong its lifetime . Keep your lenses clean with the microfibre cleaning cloth and maintain perfect vision. Choose to wear with the headstrap or legs making you adaptable for all situations

Adapt them to your needs

Perfect for work , sports and those who love activities . ToolFreak Rip Out safety glasses offer all round wraparound protection and a precise panoramic view. With foam padding to make them perfect for all day comfort wear and improve protection

Enhanced Vision–Enhanced Life Quality–Enhanced Comfort!

Destined to please even your most demanding needs these safety glasses have an impact resistant lens and ultra resilient , they are designed to frame your face comfortably and sit snug over your ears for better comfort

The distortion free lens tech enhances your vision from the very first use Put them on and see for yourself 

No more...

...harmful UV rays
...eyesight blurring 

Product Features

1. Smoke tinted lens providing you protection against harmful UV rays

2. Foam padding for increased comfort and better protection

3. Impact resistant lenses

4. Detachable legs and headstrap release buttom

5. Impact resistant frame 

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ToolFreak Eyewear Collection

Serious about protecting your eyes right ?

Protect them from UV rays ,debris ,dust ,wind,flying particles and more .

Guard your eyesight and look stylish at the same time 

ToolFreak Rip-Out Protective Eyewear - Smoke Tinted Lens

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  • Make sure your eyes are protected! Here we have cool, stylish, protective eyewear that will look after your eyes!
  • Available in different lens types- choose your style!
  • Improve your vision and clarity! ToolFreak designs eyewear with your best interests at heart.
  • Extra protection! Protect your eyes from flying debris and wind with the wraparound features and foam padding!
  • Warranty included- If we don't meet your expectations or you have an issue we are happy to help!