Are you in need of a pair of safety glasses that ...

...give you a cool look?
...improve vision with panoramic views?
...are comfortable fit for all day comfort wear?
...are reliable?
...offer better protection?

ToolFreak proudly present the Agent safety glasses from the ultimate safety eyewear collection. The perfect safety glasses to keep your eyes protected and worry no more about eye injuries ! 

Recommended for sports and those who activities

Secure your fit!

Our safety glasses are designed to ensure a comfy fit . Wear them solo or if you doing something with a lot of movement, you can attach the neck cord that has easy adjustment to make even more of a secure fit.

Enhance Vision-Enhance Comfort

If your searching for clever, stylish yet practical eye protection . Choose ToolFreak Agent safety glasses . Destined to please if your most demanding needs.

Keep them protected
Keep your safety glasses protected with the ToolFreak Zippable Hard Case and Cleaning Cloth, secure your fit with the adjustable neck cord.
Product Features

1. Impact resistant lens with krystal clear vision 

2. Soft ear rests for for comfort and improved grip 

3. Curved frame for a better fit and protection 

4. Sports infused impact resistant frame improves style

Worrying about flying particles, dust and debris?

Then these safety glassses shouldn't be missing from your side. Using the latest technology in protection there designed to guard your eyesight and look stylish at the same time . Put them on and see for yourself!

Extremely Versatile! Dare To Believe It?

Our safety eyewear collection is lightweight , compact and extremely multipurpose . Explore there many uses , starting from today!

ToolFreak Agent Safety Glasses Clear Lens, Neck Cord, Hard Case & Cloth

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  • Bringing you better solutions in eyewear! Choose ToolFreak and enjoy better looking, better fitting and all round better eye protection. 
  • High Clarity wraparound lenses with a panoramic frameless field of vision! 
  • Improve your look and enjoy their many uses, whether you're working or playing Sport ToolFreak has your back!
  • Protect your eyes and maintain healthy eyesight- No more worries about tired red eyes, with UV rays harming your eyesight!
  • Warranty included! If we don't meet your expectations or you have an issue we are happy to help