Are you in need of eye protection that is...

super cool?
perfect for work, sports or activities?

There was a time when all eye protection looked about the same: clear, wraparound glasses that were uncomfortable, clunky, and slid down your face the moment you moved even in a little bit. That’s why we came up with a better solution—the ToolFreak Finisher safety glasses .
Secure your fit!
Our safety glasses are designed to ensure a comfy fit . Wear them solo or if you doing something with alot of movement, you can attach the neck cord that has easy adjustment to make even more of a secure fit.
Better Protection

The safety glasses offer all the amenities you need in a rugged pair of of eye protection but look great doing it.

Keep them safe

Putting your safety glasses down uncovered is never ideal . Thats why we've included the microfibre storage pouch thats doubles up as a lens cleaning cloth

Product Features

1. Cushoined rubber ear rests 

2. Sprung tension frame for a better grip and fit 

3. Soft rubber nose bridge 

4. Unique ventilation for better airflow between lens and eyes

5. Impact resistant dark tinted smoke lens with maximum UV protection 

Enhanced Vision - Enhanced Comfort!

Designed to please even your demanding needs these safety glassses have an impact resistant lens and frame.

Perfect for all day comfort wear with the ultra light frame , 

The distortion free lens technology enhances your vision from the very first use . Put them on and see for yourself!!

No more...

  • ...harmful UV rays
  • ...eyesight blurring 
  • ..,being uncomfortable 
Extremely Versatile! Dare To Believe It?

Our lightweight and compact safety glasses are extremely multipurpose and fun to use. Explore their many uses, starting from today!

A perfect partner for work , sports ,activities and more ....

ToolFreak Finisher Protective Eyewear - Smoke Tinted

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  • Shield your eyes with ToolFreak Finishers- forget about tired, red eyes, we've got you covered.
  • Discover their many uses- Whether you're at work or playing sport, ToolFreak has you covered.
  • Smoke Tinted lenses with crystal clear vision! Equipped with the latest technology!
  • All day comfort wear- Soft rubber nose pads are incorporated into the frame, allowing great comfort.
  • Warranty included- If we don't meet your expectations or you have an issue we are happy to help.